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Herd Groyne Lighthouse

Herd Groyne Lighthouse

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The iron lighthouse was erected by the Newcastle Trinity House Board in 1882. The word Herd coming from Herd sands which was the original name for the stretch of beach we now call the Littlehaven. The Lighthouse which stands 13 meters high acts as a navigational aid guiding ships in and out of the river Tyne. It has a very unusual hexagonal shape and is held up on 12 iron legs, the central column being the most important, it has a steel casing which travels a weight to provide motivation for the foghorn mechanism. The main occulting light is shown for a duration of 8 seconds at 2 second intervals and is visible for 13 miles.

A signed and numbered limited edition of 100 Giclée prints, 65cm x 40cm, on a 250gsm mould-made paper using archival inks. This is an original digital artwork. Unframed.