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The West Pier Lighthouse was completed around 1839 with the final build completion of the West Pier extension as we know it today. Height of tower 14 metres with a range of 8 miles.

A signed and numbered limited edition of 100 Giclée prints, 65cm x 40cm, on a 250gsm mould-made paper using archival inks. This is an original digital artwork. Unframed.

I paint digitally. Working with only flat areas of colour and no tone, I “cut out” colour shapes with a digital stylus on my computer, arranging them on different layers, creating a collage. In fact, I first began working this way years ago by cutting out sheets of coloured paper with scissors, similar to the way Matisse created his paper cut-outs. The paintings end up as digital files, therefore there is no scanning, they are printed directly from the computer onto a mould-made paper.